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How To Find a Lost Cat and Where To Find a Lost Cat in the Philadelphia area

Posted by smallspark on March 3, 2009

This is primarily for lost cats, but of course, some of them have dogs as well.
Tips at the top, recommended Internet sites at the bottom.


STUFF TO DO NEAR YOUR HOUSE – this is HUGE to do. Most important.

POSTERS – All this Internet stuff is great but large obnoxious Florescent Posters work really, really well.

Your cat has not marked their scent outside, so they can’t smell their way home. They are totally lost. Especially now that it has rained and snowed. PUT THEIR LITTER OUTSIDE. Put YOUR scent, or the scent of their favorite person OUTSIDE. Most don’t roam too far. There is a good chance they will smell it and be able to find you.

Make sure your neighbors are aware of your lost pet. Put smaller version of the poster in their mailboxes – as well as the corner stores if possible.

If you walk around looking for your cat, look and call for them when it is very quiet out. That means early or late hours. Be safe and don’t be dumb – do this with a friend. Assume your animal is afraid, and move slowly. Remember winter clothes mean they can’t smell you. So maybe bring a bit of your cats litter or a bit of worn smelly clothing with you as well, to tip them off that you are around because your voice might not.

There is no guarantee your animal will make it onto the Internet. It’s a tool. Once a week (more or less) walk around your shelters – all of them – including isolation/sick areas  – and look at all the animals yourself. There really is no substitution for this.

And if you are lonely – foster one of those sick animals for a couple weeks until they get well and can be adopted to their new home. They will be grateful, and so will you.

SEARCHING tips on individual Internet sites below (if search is available)

As SIMPLE as possible – searches on all these sites are really bad, you can test it. I would recommend using “cat” as much as possible. Why? Because people could describe a cat many different ways. For example, “tuxedo cat” or “black white cat” or sometimes people just say “black cat” for a “tuxedo cat”. I’ve seen it. Insane. So – just search for “cat” even if you want to try other variations. I guarantee with “cat” some will turn up that your “better” descriptions missed.

Get your mindset straight.

Don’t expect your animal to come to you, easily. You will have to work to get them back. You are the most motivated to get your own cat home, right?  You will have to pay attention to the found animals out there, and do the work of posting your lost ad. But you can. Just expect that you will need to put hours in. Basically, this is homework, kids. But this is homework you really want to do because your friend is depending on you to save them from the pound.


Expect them to immediately turn into adoptable animals. Many do. Even if you notified and did all the right things, people don’t pay attention and most likely staff is overwhelmed. They will try but they will not remember. Do NOT make the mistake of assuming they will. They can’t. They are drowning in animals who need homes and trying to take care of them, and it’s overwhelming. They do the best they can but they are very outnumbered. But YOU, you are focused on your one buddy.  I’m giving you tools. Use them.

AD posting tips:

VERY IMPORTANT: Most of those sites do not let you post photos SO – post to and put the link in your ad.

Images are HUGELY important.This way, I swear people will be able to help you more. Photos get more attention. They get the MOST attention. Otherwise, it’s really just noise.  We’re all in a hurry. When I look, I can’t help it – I  look at photos most because these are the people, I think, who want their animal home. Text descriptions just don’t do the job well.

The text descriptions, however are important for search terms, even if you do have a photo. So your ad – Put the details first – colors, pattern, what their ears look like, hair length, nose color, male, female anything that might help identify your animal and cut down on the spam. Anything you think someone would use should they find your animal.  Then put your zip code, what town or what area of Philly you are in – street names too if you want but basically what town and zip.  Think google maps.  No way I know your area that well. I rent, I move and I don’t drive. So do many others. Please don’t assume we know, safely assume we’re idiots who are also from out of town, like me. 🙂 Dumb it down. It’s ok.

Remember that ads expire. Keep them active because your cat can hide for awhile, or a good samaritan or agency could be slow putting an ad up or searching. It happens. Many times, I’ll search on all the sites before I put my found ad up.

Good luck!

Here are the sites:

SEARCH these sites:

Main SPCA’s

Philadelphia SPCA:

PAWS Philly

Delaware County, PA SPCA

Camden County SPCA: (it’s only right across the bridge)

Northeast Animal Rescue

Womans Humane Society:

Montgomery County SPCA

Bucks County SPCA

Main Line Rescue


Adoptapet is sometimes useful, there are a lot of pets on there. And they also list other shelters in your area. This list is not everything!

Petfinder has animals from many shelters. Too many animals from shelters and no way to sift through them easily by color/pattern. It will take some serious time to hunt through here. Zip code parsing is odd but it eventually comes back to your area again. No way to skip through the ones you think don’t apply.

Small Cat ONLY Rescues: Little bitty places who rescue cats you never knew about: These are my go-tos but there are more out there.
Green Street Rescue
City Kitties adopt list
City Kitties neighborhood classified list
Flat Iron wildcats
Feline Pipeline
Stray cat blues
Cat Angel Network
FFUR: The Foundation for Feline Urban Rescue
Catnip Cats (Springfield, PA)

POST AND SEARCH on these sites or as many of the places below as you can:


Petfinder classified:

Future Best Friend lost/found:

Craigslist philly lost and found:

Craigslist philly pets:

www. is just a fyi – not what I would recommend unless you put a photo b/c they don’t let you put decent info on there – and even then, blech.

Good luck. I really hope you find your animal. There are lots of nice people out there who help, if they see your ad, and even if they don’t. Keep posting be very visible and many times, you can get your buddy home.


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PA Puppy Mill Bill Senate going off course plus Oprah show update TODAY (kz)

Posted by smallspark on September 25, 2008

The Senate today made amendments and is (more or less) nullifying MAJOR parts of the PA HB2525 bill the House passed with flying colors. PLEASE don’t let them.

PLEASE go to and let them know you DO consider this important.

The House got a lot of pressure and knows we care. The Senate hasn’t had as much exposure to people’s opinions. Let’s make them aware their constituents care, and have an opinion, please.

And OPRAH is back on the subject and she is having another puppy mill show on Sept 25th.
Watch the show and understand what the fuss is all about on this issue.

Please pass this on.

Sources: CBS 3
North Penn Puppy Mill Watch
Main Line Animal Rescue

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Help the senate find puppy love Both HB2525 and HB2532 passed the House!

Posted by smallspark on September 19, 2008

It worked! Both HB2525 and HB2532 passed the house in a landslide. (Take notice of that, Art Hershey!) So many congratulations for all those helping our House representatives stay aware of what we want! What do you know, it actually works – especially if people continuously inundate representatives of the House with that message. 🙂

That was only part of the fight – so keep up with the steam and don’t let this bizarre presidential contest deter you from making sure the Senate is equally aware. Please contact your senator today!

Write your letter to the Senate via the ASPCA template form here!

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Animal Cops, Animal Law and Apathy – in Philadelphia

Posted by smallspark on July 19, 2008

I read an article in the Inquire about the show Animal Cops being here in the Philadelphia area.  You can read the article here. It sort of started me off on a train of thought and i’m going to try to sort it out here.

I know I’m new to this particular issue. Fortunately, I didn’t grow up being aware people were cruel to their animals. And as I learn more about this subject, it bothers me more deeply.  Especially as there is a link between cruelty to animals and cruelty to humans. Especially as we know 1000’s of bodies pile up in animal shelters daily while breeders succesfully push for no change in laws due to the “economic strain.” The reality and so obvious fact IS:

    We can’t handle the amount of animals breeders (and nature) are putting out! Forced, continuous breeding lowers demand.

It’s simple economics, even I, an economics dunce, comprehends.

So…the rest of the economy is actually forced to deal with economic realities and comply…why should breeders be any different? An animal is a live being. A breeder decided to put this being inside a cage for the majority of it’s life. Basic quality of care needs to be there. They are trapped and can’t provide for themselves. If you can’t afford it, you’re in the wrong business -especially since there are so many breeders out there.

Best of you – cream of the crop – it’s time for you to rise!
The rest of you who can’t make it, go away and find something you’re more talented at, or something you want to work at. You can hate me for saying it but I just have to say it! Forgive me but, I mean, really the commodity is the result of entirely free sex. Sex makes kiddies. or rather kitties…or puppies…. ( I just blog that? *blush) Free puppies to sell (several times a year) just for taking “care” of the momma and the poppa. If she can’t produce, then – a legally allowed – gun to the head. Cost gone. Have sex or die. Now that’s cold-blooded business. Let’s be hopeful and call it OLD SCHOOL.

I am very lucky. I know very many people who love and respect their pets – in fact, I think that is where much apathy comes from here in PA. To many people who grew up with a family pet it just might not be comprehendable that domesticated animals are treated badly/differently (vs. family pets) in normal livestock facilities, much less BAD livestock facilities, and Breeders aren’t under the same legal rules as an ordinary animal owner.

Everyday people going about their lives don’t know breeding pets are actually considered LIVESTOCK and that livestock animals are under different rules. I’m still not exactly clear on why the difference is allowed to exist. if I treated my animals even close to what many breeders do on a regular basis (shudder) my animal would be taken away, and I would be called a bad person by my neighbors… But in livestock world…nope – normal. I doubt very many people know they somehow get a pass. In my ideal world, people would know better…but idealism falls short of reality. 😦

The reality vs. perception vs. idealistic gap is scaaary huge. And many people don’t want to define cultural norm, they want to adhere to it, to be safe and stay within their “known beliefs.” That’s a very weird, tough fight. However, when people become aware, it’s also really tough not to want to make the world a better place. Thank god. I just hope we’re not too slow. (note: read the The Tipping Point )

How do you figure out how to cross this knowlege gap without being repellent? People don’t even know they don’t know. People don’t seem to want to know or in the case of Puppy Mill HB 2525 law (which was NOT passed) have the expectation this is “so obvious” that of course it will get passed – it’s the right thing to do. And I admit, that mindest fits me too. After the OPRAH show, I thought it was a done deal. And the dogs have to go through another winter like that, if they make it, at best. Thousands of them. What can you do? What will tip common sense back into fashion?

Related links:
HSUS First Strike Campaign
Discovery Channel Animal Cops Philadelphia Website
Discovery Channel Animal Cops BLOG!
Pennsylvania SPCA
Philadelphia Inquirer website

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PA Puppy Mill Law (HB 2525) on the floor- needs Republicans support

Posted by smallspark on July 1, 2008

If you saw the OPRAH show, or the TV show 30 days, seeing the puppy mill mommies lives probably affected you, and not in a good way. But I hope in a way that means taking a small, fairly painless action. A moment to follow your heart, give hope and show respect to life.

All it is is a phone call or an email to your PA state rep. Please help better a puppy mill dogs life.

Right now puppy mill dogs are considered livestock and their lives are beyond miserable.
For more specific info, and to know exactly who to call, please go to the ASPCA website link below.


Short background on PA HB 2525

If you’ve seen the Oprah show on this subject, maybe you understand how important, though minor, this law will improve daily life for those constantly pregnant animals forced to live their ENTIRE life in an open, small, wire-floored cage outside with no vet care. The endless rounds of puppies go to stores while Mama truly, endlessly suffers 24/7 until she can bear no more puppies. Then she is killed.

“Among other essential changes, this bill would double the cage space required for dogs, mandate regular veterinary care, prohibit the stacking of cages, ban wire cage flooring and require that dogs have continuous access to clean water.”

“Passage of HB 2525 is vital if Pennsylvania is to improve conditions for dogs kept in commercial kennels and put an end to the state’s reputation as the “Puppy Mill Capital of the East.”

Please call!
All the Democrats are for it and Only 1 Republican is for it. Basic standard of care and a humane standard of living should not be a party line vote. If you take the responsibility of having animals, then that means also the responsibility of taking care of it. Breeders need to take care of their animals just as you and I are required to.

PLEASE take 10 minutes to email or call your reps.

If your republican rep won’t vote for it b.c a democrat proposed the bill…please clearly and respectfully tell them why they should.

For more info:

Humane Society
PA Puppy Mill Watch
PA Ongoing Animal Legislation List

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