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Help the senate find puppy love Both HB2525 and HB2532 passed the House!

Posted by smallspark on September 19, 2008

It worked! Both HB2525 and HB2532 passed the house in a landslide. (Take notice of that, Art Hershey!) So many congratulations for all those helping our House representatives stay aware of what we want! What do you know, it actually works – especially if people continuously inundate representatives of the House with that message. 🙂

That was only part of the fight – so keep up with the steam and don’t let this bizarre presidential contest deter you from making sure the Senate is equally aware. Please contact your senator today!

Write your letter to the Senate via the ASPCA template form here!


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PA HB 2525 – Rep Art Hershey makes bad call

Posted by smallspark on July 4, 2008

For Shame on you, Art Hershey -Chester Countey (R) on submitting PA HB 2525 Ammendment A08348 “…which seeks to add “dishwasher” to the list of unlawful and/or unsuitable housing for a dog in the Commonwealth.” This seemingly pokes “fun” at the PA puppy mill law advocates and certainly won’t help it pass. In fact, the PA puppy mill bill actually may not pass – again…unless people speak up to their reps.

I found myself confused and more than a little pissed when I went to his website and found, front and center, a banner on “Tips to keep your pets healthy this summer” with a cute little doggie on it. Are dogs pets or livestock to you, Rep. Hershey? I hope you re-adjust your wit.

Ammendment A08348 seemingly references an anti-puppy mill billboard put up by Main Line Rescue on how the size of their cage is equitable to the size of a dishwasher.

Main Line Rescue's Anti-Puppy Mill Billboard

Main Line Rescue\

Living in the heart area of this issue, Art Hershey’s response shows exactly why basic standard of animal care needs to be passed into law since he apparently takes the entire concept of respect to animals as a joke and is just playing with our tax dollars.

Way to go, Art for being a shining example of why other people need to step in and stop your district from abusing animals, instead of you taking responsibility for their welfare as you should.

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