Kitty Zen

Moments sharp, sweet and soft

My Kitties

Currently, I have four – I almost need say no more!! This was an accident of coincidence over this past winter and I’m not exactly sure what will happen but I hope to keep them all.

Let me share who my furry friends are with you.


First off is Callie – the oldest of the bunch. Callie is a sweetheart of a kitty. Truly.
Callie was my first experience with a cat, ever. I was afraid of them before. (I grew up with Dogs.) I had a detailed list of attributes a cat had to have for me to have a cat. Callie is that cat, in all ways, and is my heart.

Callie was a stray and had babies in my friends backyard. My friend couldn’t keep her so Callie came to stay with me for the weekend. We bonded and she never left. She normally loves playing with string, sleeping next to me, and digging into the cushions for the “mouse” toy that’s hiding. She usually is glued to my side and loves it when I hold her over my shoulder.

She prefers being top cat and maybe the only cat but due to unforseen circumstances over this past winter, is dealing, sort of, with additional members of the family. Callie is not top cat in this cat world and is much more quiet and aloof now, which concerns her Mommy. I miss her absolute trust in the safety of her household but she seems to slowly be adapting. It was a bit overwhelming for both of us to deal with so many more cats, so quickly.

Due to an issue of the other cats chasing her when she is going up the steps, Callie lets me know when she wants to go up and I block the other cats from following her while teaching them NOT to chase. It seems to be working. slowly as the kitties are stubborm. However, the water bottle speaks their language. 😛

I hope she will regain he trust back.  I give her little breaks of dedicated me time when it seems she’s had enough.

The TRIO: The Trio gets along.


Cat #2 This past winter, Hobbes sat on my doorstep at 6 Am one cold morning and cried the loudest most pitiful cry I have ever heard an animal make. It said I have had enough and I can take no more. He woke my neighbor and I up and the cry was so miserable, we both went hunting for the source. We found Hobbes – cold, bone thin, covered in fleas so large I thought they were another kind of insect with ears full of ear mites. My neighbor fed him and we discussed what to do. When hobbes put his head in my hands and curled up on my lap, I felt my heart turn over and knew he was definitely coming home with me.

Now fully recovered, Hobbes is sweet, energetic and playful. Maybe a little too playful for Callie as he LOVES to run, wrestle and agitate anything to happen! He is top cat in our cat world and wants everbody to play with him and he loves to give all the other cats, and me, kisses. Callie even accepts some! He is definitely not shy, meets me at the door and needs to sniff everything. He is a wonderful combination of hilarous and touching and makes me laugh often at his silliness. Hobbie insists on having the juice of any tomatoes, peaches, nectarines, and salad around. He knows he’s been rescued and is safe now and tells me thank you all the time, which totally gets to me. Hobbes bad trait is he likes to chase Callie up the steps and poke at her intermittently – mostly to play – but he only makes her growl.


Fortunately for Callie’s sanity , three weeks later, Cat #3 followed me home on a really cold evening; allowed me to pick him up and bring him around to the local stores for information on his owners. None being found, Fuzzy came home with me, and has turned into a total lovey who thankfully LOVES to wrestle with Hobby when he’s not squeaking for more attention from me. (Fuzzy was almost called Squeaky) Fuzzy is often splayed out on the floor near me and just loves getting his face and belly rubbed. Fuzzy would prefer Callie not get my attentions and tries to bully her and has a bad habit of also liking to chase her up the steps.


One week after Fuzzy arrived, I said Hi to Cat #4 on the street one evening and of course he followed me home. No owners were found for Greyling and now we are four. Greyling is the most standoffish of all the cats, and the neatest thing is watching him relax into the household and with me. He has the roundest brownest eyes which looks so odd with his gray fur color. He is quite elegant and loves the coolness of the tiles and thinks the bathroom sink is just THE perfect place to catch a nap. I think Grayling is starting to like me more, as he’s allowing me to pet him more often, brush him and now follows me around a bit more. Just now he allowed me to pick him up and rub his tummy for the first time! I think he’s warming up!


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