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Posted by smallspark on June 26, 2008

So, I’m starting to get into this blog thing.

Today I want to share some cat products that are pretty cool. (IMHO)

My idea of a good product is the creation of products combining functional need with beautiful form. I don’t like having product getting in my way or creating some other issue in my life.

Having an animal, I want to make the best combination of happy animal and happy human. Like many people, I have an issue with those ugly invasive, giant carpeted pieces of animal furniture. I HATE them. Seriously. Won’t. buy. them. ever. I don’t need a cat tree taking over my house and becoming a focal point.

But I do like happy animals and intelligent functional design. They get what they need and so do I. Here is what I’ve found that I personally really like so far and am considering for my home.

Cat Climber
Kitty Condo

For the walls:
Square cat habitat

Eco-Friendly Pet living
Tips on living Pet and Eco Friendly

Cat Exercise Wheels
Cat Wheel Company
Roger’s Cat Exercise Wheels
PetZone Cat Exercise Wheel

Outdoor Cat Enclosures
Stanford’s list of outdoor cat enclosures

Blogs to watch:
Modern Cat

Animal House Style : Designing a Home to Share With Your Pets


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